Dr Karen Jones

Dr Karen Jones is particularly interested in the philosophy of emotions and rationality.

She has written extensively on trust, what it is and when it is justified. She has recently returned to Melbourne from Princeton where she worked with the latest researchers in neuroscience and philosophy on mapping trust.

She has presented at Heart of Philosophy events since 2006.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Cornell University, 1994)
  • Master of Arts (Cornell University, 1991)
  • Master of Arts (La Trobe University, 1988)
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Auckland, 1985)
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Member of

  • International Society for Research on Emotions. Member by Nomination. 2003-


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Major Reference works
  • Karen Jones 2013, 'Trust', in International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, ed 1.


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Research Book Chapters
  • Karen Jones, KOH E, VEIS, WHITE A, HURWORTH RE, BELL, SHRIMPTON B, FITZPATRICK G 2010, 'Framing Marginalised Art', in Framing Marginalised Art, Custom Book Centre, University of Melbourne.
  • Karen Jones 2010, 'Counting on One Another', in Trust, Sociality, Selfhood, Mohr Siebeck.


Research Book Chapters
  • Karen Jones 2008, 'How to change the past', in ATKINS K, MACKENZIE C ed(s), Practical Identity and Narrative Agency, Routledge.


Journal Articles Refereed
  • Karen Jones 2007, 'Quick and Smart', Canadian Journal of Philosophy, University of Calgary Press, vol. Supplementary Volume 32.


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