Professor Trevor Burnard

Academic Profile
  • Professor and Head of School, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne, 2011-
  • Professor of the History of the Americas, History and Comparative American Studies, University of Warwick, 2007- 10; Head of Department, History, 2009-10
  • Professor of American History and Head of Department, American Studies, University of Sussex, 2004-07
  • Reader and Professor, History, Brunel University, 2000-04, Head of Department, Politics, American Studies and History, 2001-04
  • Lecturer and Senior Lecturer, History, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1990-99
  • Lecturer, History, University of Waikato, New Zealand, 1989
  • Lecturer, History, University of the West Indies at Mona, Kingston, Jamaica, 1987-89


I am interested in the history of early British America, including the British West Indies, before ca. 1790 and in the Atlantic World, 1500-1800. Particular interests include slavery, social history and demography, imperialism, economic and business history, and gender. My work over the last decade has been especially concerned with identity in the New World in the eighteenth century and with how settler societies have been formed, or have failed to form in plantation societies in the Caribbean and the Chesapeake. In addition, I have been concerned with recreating the social and cultural world of slaves and masters in early Jamaica, using in particular the rich diaries of Thomas Thistlewood as a primary source. My current projects are a monograph on early American historiography, a co-authored book comparing mid-eighteenth century Jamaica and Saint Domingue with John Garrigus of the University of Texas, Arlington, a social, demographic and economic history of white and black in Jamaica 1655-1780, and a historiographical study of the state of early American history in the twenty first century.

Selected Other
  • Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture, University of West Indies, Mona, Kingston, March 2010
  • Seminar Leader, NEH Summer Seminar, July 2009, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
  • Invited speaker, 2007 Webb Lecture Series, University of Texas-Arlington, March 2007.
  • Subject Co-ordinator, British Empire to 1780, Institute of Historical Research Annual Bibliography, 2003-
  • Invited Chair, Harvard-Cambridge Atlantic History Seminar, Cambridge, 2004.
  • Invited participant, Omohundro Institute of Early American History Needs and Opportunities Symposium on Caribbean History, John Carter Brown Library, Providence, Rhode Island, Winter, 2003.
  • Featured Consultant, Channel 4 series on Forbidden Fruit: A History of Interracial Relations, screening in November, 2003; Featured Consultant, “Who Do you Think You are?” BBC 2009.

Teaching 2013
Contact, Conflict, New Worlds
Age of Empires

Teaching 2012
Age of Empires
History for Historians
Making History

Teaching 2011
  • (with Peter McPhee) HIST10005 The Age of Revolutions
  • (with David Goodman)HIST30059 Race in America; HIST40030 History for Historians
  • HIST30060 Capstone: Making History
Research Supervision

I am interested in supervising students in the following broad areas: early modern British history; colonial and antebellum America; Caribbean history. I am also interested in supervising students with broad interests in social, cultural, economic and demographic history for the period before the mid nineteenth century.


  • DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Johns Hopkins University, 1989)
  • MASTERS OF ARTS (Johns Hopkins University, 1985)
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Otago, 1983)
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Member of

  • Claremont McKenna History Department. External Review Committee. 2006-
  • European Early American Studies Association. President. 2007-2010
  • AHRC Peer Review College. Review Committee Member. 2006-2008
  • Centre for Imperial and Maritime Studies (CIMS), National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Board Member. 2006-2010
  • American Studies & European Studies Programmes, University of Dundee. Review Committee Member. 2010-


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