Our research

Areas of expertise

A selection of research areas within which staff have demonstrated expertise. Further information on the research activities of individual staff members is available on their profiles, which are linked to their names.

Research groups

Research groups describes existing and developing research centres, institutes and units housed within or closely associated with the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies.

Research projects

The academic staff of The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies undertake many research projects and have been awarded many research grants. Details of current and past funded research can be found in this section.

Research publications

This section contains a selective list of recent major publications (books and book chapters) in all our programs within The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies.

Research environment

The School provides a stimulating research environment within a broader institutional framework that provides intellectual, financial and infrastructural support for innovative research.

Research strengths

The School conducts research into a wide range of historical and philosophical practices, covering through its subjects a diversity of times, places and themes which reflect the latest developments in historical research and vocational practice.